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Easy Digital Downloads – If you’re not looking to run an e-commerce setup, you may want to consider using the WordPress plugin, Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin is perfect if you’re selling a small handful of items.

WooCommerce – If you’re selling a decent amount of products (maybe 10 or more), then you might want to consider a shopping cart system like WooCommerce.  


Squarespace – offers online store templates ready to go starting at $26 a month. The designs are fresh and modern and will most likely fit with your blog theme. 

Shopify – If you have an established blog or website that is self-hosted but need an easy-to-manage shopping system, Shopify may meet your needs. Shopify is a full e-commerce system that is easy to set up, but also allows you to integrate with social media so you can sell on Facebook! With Shopify, you don’t need a lot of technical abilities to get it up and running. 

Etsy – I believe that the entire world is familiar with Etsy. Etsy will allow you to sell both physical and digital goods easily. 


Clickbank – Clickbank lets you sell any digital or downloadable products. It is one of the largest and most popular platfoms. that connects product sellers and affiliate marketers.

Digital Product Delivery – You upload your digital files to the DPD site, then after you set up your pricing, description, etc., you copy and paste a button on your site or blog post that will allow the person to purchase it. DPD takes care of everything.

E-Junkie – E-Junkie is similar to Digital Product Delivery regarding how things are set up and delivered. I used E-Junkie years ago to deliver digital scrapbooking products when I was in that industry. Like DPD, E-Junkie is only $10 a month for up to 1GB of space or 20 products. 

Gum Road – Gum Road is a popular 3rd Party choice when it comes to selling and delivering digital goods. It was designed for creatives to distribute their art, music, etc. You can also generate license keys for selling books or software, so it’s difficult to share your creative work. Or, offer a rental time on a product.

Send Owl –  Send Owl is also similar to DPD or E-Junkie in that you just add a product and copy a code for a button to place on your site. The cost is slightly higher than DPD or E-Junkie in that it’s $15 a month, but you get 30 products or 3GB of space. So really it’s cheaper than the other alternatives.

Selz – Selz is a web based platform for selling digital products and services. Selz basic features are free. All you pay are the transaction and processing fees for your orders. If you wish to add more features simply purchase a plan. 


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