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GroupTweet –  GroupTweet lets you engage and help groups communicate privately.

HootSuite – Managing your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all at once has been nailed down perfectly by this tool. 

SocialBro – A SocialBro helps you with all of your Twitter needs from scheduling content, to reports, to creating ads on Twitter.

Tweroid – Tweriod keep track of the time when most of your followers are in action. 

Tweepi – Lets you clear off your Twitter mess by clearing up un-followers and inactive. Tweepi also promotes you to follow Twitter users with your relative interest. 

TweetChat – A live Twitter event, usually moderated and focused around a general topic. 

Twibes – Twibes is a Twitter groups based on different interests and topics. 

Twilert – This is like Google Alerts for Twitter. Icaptures every tweet to send to you in an email digest, at a set time or in realtime.

TweetDeck – Tweetdeck is a powerful multi-platform twitter tool for more flexibility and power in the hands of users.

TweetReach –  It lets you know about the true reach of your tweet.

TweetStats – It’s a free tool to keep track of your tweets by hour, month and tweet timeline. It tracks your Twitter usage and It’s is a great way to recognize the social media patterns. 

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