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How to Build a Website In 1 Hour Under $200 [A Quick Start Guide for Beginners]


Nowadays, you can make your own website in a matter of minutes using the power of Wordpress. All you need is a few minutes to follow the step by step tutorials in this Guide you will have your website up and running in no time. 
This guide will take you through the simple process you need to follow and the basics you need to have in order to create a brand-new website that meets the needs of your business.  

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So, whether you’re selling products, providing services, running an agency or simply starting a blog, you’re going to need to create your own website. Simply put, any business or service provider that doesn’t have a website these days might as well be invisible – and invisibility won’t get you any sales. 

In the contrary, when you create a website you can attract the attention of potential customers, communicate better with your clients and existing customers, widen your customer base, and have a launchpad and a destination for your business marketing strategies.

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