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100+ Stock Images With Transparent Background [Volume 2]


igh-Resolution (HD) images with transparent background in PNG format. Images with transparent background are great for any project as they can be integrated in any project regardless of the background color. Cutting out images with backgrounds is time consuming and often results in jagged edges from pixel damage or poor anti aliasing.

FORMAT: .PNG File (Transparent)


  • Royalty-Free
  • Use it for your Personal & Clients Projects
  • Use it for Unlimited Projects
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The PNG file format supports full alpha transparency, allowing you to create graphics with varying levels of transparency. Basically you turn off any kind of background, revealing the chequered canvas background in your graphic design software. 


Why is this a design shortcut? You may ask. Well, you might want to repurpose your images into other design layouts. Transparent backgrounds make this easier. You want to quickly drop images into different graphic layouts without having to use a lasso tool to cut away flat backgrounds (like you would with JPG).


  • For Your Own Websites, Blogs, Cover graphics, Advertising, etc. 
  • Install and Use them on sites or graphics you make for clients. 
  • Build a Site with these Images to Showcase Your Own Design Work… 
  • Use them in sites and projects you flip. 
  • Use them in WordPress themes, even ones you sell commercially. 
  • Create Memes, Quotes and Jokes – Share them on social media like Facebook and Pinterest. 
  • Create YouTube bumpers and headers, Wallpapers, Facebook and Twitter Headers, and Sell them on Fiverr etc…
    Use them in your videos. Use them for chroma-key backgrounds. 
  • You Can Use them in Mobile Apps that You Create… 
  • Import them into Photoshop, Gimp, YouZign, Logo Creator and any other image software you use. 
  • Use these images in ANY of your projects, including background images, sliders, posters, flyers, apps, articles, Website design, and anything else you can think of! 
  • Bundle Them as Bonuses, Sell them individually on your own image site for big profits, The possibilities really are endless…


  • These images are not just royalty-free, they are copyright free, CC0 images.
  • Want to use them in printed media? Fine! 
  • Want to sell prints on eBay ? You can!  
  • Sell them through your own online store at Selz, Sendowl, Shopify, etc.
  • Want to bundle them up and sell them as backgrounds? You can do it too!

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