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Audacity Workshop – Tips and Tricks it takes to Save Time recording, editing and producing a podcast or audiobook performance  ith audacity. 

Podcast Prodigy – It’s for people who know they have great content to share but need to find a way for more people to get in front of it.

Podcasting Pro Basics – Book & video guide to start a podcast – the easy guide into starting, producing, editing, and publishing a podcast.

Really Simple Podcasting – Just one hour each month building a successful online business. Podcasting can lead to other opportunities. In addition to bringing you more visibility and credibility, becoming a podcaster will also put you in high demand for speaking engagements, book collaborations, and more. With this comprehensive training, you will be podcasting in no time at all.

Start a Record Label – Everything you need to start your own digital label  how to build a global recording empire!

Tablet Podcasting – A How-To Training in Podcasting. It teaches you to podcast with audio and video. 40 Theme Tracks, and teaching the skills to make great podcast content with music, themes, sweepers, and monetize with commercials and promo.

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