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WORDPRESS is basically a platform or free web-based software that anyone can use to build and update a blog or web-site. You can use the platform to create web pages, upload images or write articles. Most importantly, you can manage your entire website without any technical knowledge or the need to write code. Everything is done from the admin page which is called the “Dashboard”, from which only authenticated users can access and modify your website. Once installed it has a basic framework. From here you customize it by choosing a theme or layout, colours, adding images and plug-ins to make the site look and function the way you wish.

WORDPRESS is the system highly recommended for you to use to design and manage your site (or blog). It’s a very popular completely-online system that lets you easily build a professional-looking website/blog without any technical know-how. There is no additional cost to use WordPress


There is no doubt that WORDPRESS is the best content management system (CMS) for your website.  Sure, countless CMS are available, ranging from open-source to paid, and you’ll hear evangelists on all sides swearing that their choice is the best. But Drupal, Joomla or any other CMS doesn’t hold a candle to WORDPRESS for its ease of use, security and reliability.

It’s no wonder that Web developers have built over 50 million websites on its sturdy back, or that so many designers would never dream of using anything else. For the sake of this article, let’s agree that WORDPRESS is the way to go, no looking back. With that established, let’s lay out a 15-step checklist to help you create the perfect WORDPRESS website. Before  we  start  on  the  site,  let’s  cover  some  WORDPRESS  basics.  

WORDPRESS is an open source program available for free. Open source  programs are  different  from commercial programs because  the  underlying  code  can  be  worked on  by  anyone.  An  organization called Automattic maintains  the  WORDPRESS  project,  and  the  code  is licensed  by  GPLv2  from  the Free Software  Foundation. Software  programmers  and  regular  users  alike contribute  code,  ideas, suggestions and  improvements to both  the  core  program  as  well  as  add‐ons  like themes  and  plugins. WORDPRESS uses a database to manage your website blog posts.  

Previous programs  unlike WORDPRESS,  you  had  to  create  a  page, enter  your text, and  upload  the page to  your  site.  That’s doesn’t sound   so bad when you have 10 pages.  However, when  you  have  1000 pages,  it  gets  out  of  control.  The  database  working  behind  the  scenes  of  WORDPRESS means  you can  easily  add,  copy,  search, or delete blog posts. You can also add pictures, videos and audios very easily—all  without knowing any programming.

If you are considering setting up a new website or blog, you have, no doubt, stumbled across WORDPRESS. Now there is one main thing that you need to know about WORDPRESS and that there is two different types. You have TWO choices when it comes to using WORDPRESS, free and paid. Let’s take a look at them.

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