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What is Resell Rights?


This simply means that once you purchase a product you can use it for yourself and even sell the product, but your customer receives no rights whatsoever. 

Normal resell rights is pretty much what one would expect it to be, it means that once one buys the product they are able to sell it to their customers. That being said, this type of resell rights may also come with some limitations. For example, there may be a qualifier that says that the product can only be sold for a specific price. It means that you can sell this product to your customers and keep 100% of the profit.

Another caveat is that one cannot resell the resell rights. That is, when one has purchased the resell rights to a product, whenever they sell that product they can only sell the product itself, and not the resale rights. Basically it means that the product should only include the Personal Use Only right (PUO).


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