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Domain Name

WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME? It is a website’s main address. A DOMAIN NAME or URL like is your address on the web. It is how people on the internet will find you. It will be used as part of your company’s e-mail address and its Web site address (URL).

For instance, if your domain name is, then your e-mail address might be, and your Web site URL would be Examples of popular Domain Names: or www.twitter.comIn case you’re unsure, is a domain, as is The “http://” and “www” are optional. Websites will work whether or not you type in the prefix. We’re referring to the rest when discussing domain selection.

Once the domain name has been selected and registered, no one else can register the same domain name, just as there can never be two houses with the same address. Your domain name can also be your Internet business name like With that saying, any address needs a home attached to it, this would be your hosting account – the place your site lives (this subject will be covered in the next few steps).

A domain name can be any combination of letters and/or numbers up to 63 characters.  The official domain name extensions are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us and .ws.  There are also other extensions like .tv and .tk but don’t waste your time with those.  Stick with a recognized one. 

4 (Four) Key Essential Elements Of A Domain Name

These days, domain names have become affordable for everyone, and that’s why you should have one. Generally, the shorter and more memorable the domain, the better. Now you choose the domain name.  Make it easy to remember.  Many domains are taken.  Get creative and think of different options. 

The top-level domain, or TLD, is the end of the domain. The most ubiquitous TLD and the one you will be most familiar with is .com. Because .COM is the first TLD that comes to mind, it is sought after the most by far, which is why most great .COM domains are already owned. There are many different TLDs, some created exclusively for organizations (.GOV, .EDU), some specific to countries (.CO, .UK, .US, .ES) and some used most often as an alternative to .COM (.NET, .ORG .INFO).

Unlike the TLD (Top Level Domain), you have full control over your root domain; is a root domain. We have tremendous freedom in choosing root domains. The only two restrictions when registering a domain are that it be unique (i.e. it isn’t currently registered) and that it consist only of letters, numbers and hyphens. Purchasing domains that have already been registered is also possible, but they usually command much higher prices. A good domain should be concise, memorable, unique, easy to spell and easy to pronounce.

A subdomain is the domain that appears before the root domain for example: or or 
Once you own a root domain, you can create subdomains at no additional cost.

COST OF A DOMAIN NAME: You can already get a domain name for as low as $9.99 per year at reliable name registrars. 

WHERE TO REGISTER & PURCHASE DOMAIN NAMES? When registering your DOMAIN NAME, you must use a reliable Domain Registrar. Here are few reliable and trusted among the many DOMAIN NAME REGISTRARS: 

SPECIAL TIP:  If you can afford it, you may also want to get your name followed by .com (e.g. along with whatever domain name you decide to get. I think the way the internet is going it is smart to do and you will be very glad you have it later on. Some people try to save money and get a freebie website and domain name.  I’m all for free whenever possible, but free websites and domain names just aren’t worth it. 


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