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What Is Affiliate Marketing?


According to Wikipedia, “Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a vendor/business rewards one or more affiliates/marketers for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts”.

It is a process where you as an affiliate gets paid commissions each time you promote a company/merchant’s products and or services when somebody who click an affiliate link in your website successfully made a purchase.


In other words, the affiliate gets paid good commissions each time he or she promotes a merchant’s products and services. Therefore, if you join ShareAsale Affiliate Program, you get to promote their products. Each time a visitor sent from your website makes a purchase from them you will get paid a commission.


Affiliate can be anyone! Regardless your are an individual, an entity or a company, you can apply as an affiliate to promote any vendor’s products who are running an affiliate program.


You can start your home business with no money at all. Ask yourself this, do you have a spare room or space in your house. Do you have a computer with an internet connection? Do you have a phone line? If you have these three things you have the essentials of an office from which your home business can be made.

Promoting Other People’s Products

Affiliate marketing involves a merchant paying a commission to other online entities, known as affiliates, for referring new business to the merchant’s website. Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts result in a transaction.

Where to Apply as An Affiliate

Here a few companies among thousands where you can sign up as an affiliate of their programs and earn a commission on the referral sales that come from your links. There are many more but these are just a few of the most popular ones.


It’s a Marketing Strategy which involves revenue sharing between online advertisers/merchants and online publishers/salespeople. Compensation is based on performance measures, typically in the form of sales, clicks, registrations, or a hybrid model. It is a type of internet marketing in which you partner with other websites owners, individuals, or companies to send traffic to your site. You will typically pay on a Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost per Click (CPC) basis.

Have affiliates advertise your website and only pay for results. This gives you the exposure you need to establish branding and awareness, but without the huge costs of banner advertising. An Affiliate program is a marketing system where you offer others an incentive (such as a commission) for other companies to advertise your site. The companies who join are called Affiliates or Affiliate Marketers and they only earn a commission on actual sales you receive from their sites or blogs. You can offer the Affiliates a choice of marketing options, the most popular being banners, e-zine adverts and text links. You pay affiliates only after the results of the advertising have come in.

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