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Easy & Quick Professional Website Creation with DIVI. No Programming Skills Needed!

All Tutorials You Need to Build Your First Website with DIVI


Domain Name is your website address. E.g: www.YourDomain.comHosting is where your site is hosted to make it viewable online. You may register your Domain Name and Hosting accounts from any providers of your choice. However, we recommend Greengeeks for tons of reasons. Why Greengeeks?

COST: Starts From $4.99/Month
REGISTER HERE: Greengeeks  [Why Greengeeks? ]


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that powers your website.

Installation takes less than a minute with “One Quick Install” inside your Hosting Dashboard. There’s a lot of tutorials on how to Install WordPress on your website.

COST: Free. 


Wesbsite Builder is the tool that you need to build your entire website. Divi is currently the world’s number 1 Installed Web Builder in the world. It’s a Drag and Drop Front-end Visual website builder that lets you create website easily and quickly without programming skills needed. 

INSTALLING THE THEME: In this tutorial, we will be installing your theme using the Upload feature in your WordPress Dashboard. Before you can upload your theme, you first need to download it from the members area. Login to your account, and then look for the “Divi” theme in the Downloads tab. Click the “download” button to get the zipped theme folder.

COST: $ 89.00
DIVI BUILDER: Full Features

NOTE: The DIVI Dashboard in the video below is not the latest version. So it may look different from your latest WP Dashboard. However, the way of installing is just the same.


The quickest and easiest way to get your site up and running is to use the pre-made Divi layouts that come with your Divi Theme. There are 32 Divi layouts that are a great way to instantly load pages into your site. The Divi layouts are made up of various modules, rows and sections that work with the Divi page builder.. 

LAYOUT COST: Bundled Free with your DIVI Account

INTRODUCING DIVI 3.0 [Why Divi Website Builder]

Divi is THE ONLY WEBSITE BUILDER You will ever Need!

With DIVI, you are able to create or build Full Blown Websites, Blog Sites, Online Store, Portfolio Pages, Coming Soon Pages, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Optin Forms, Contact Forms and so much more! 

This is by far the easiest and the fastest website builder we have ever used. It saves us tons of time and money!


Installing DIVI theme can be done using the WordPress Dashboard. 

INSTALLING THE THEME: In this tutorial, we will be installing your theme using the Upload feature in your WordPress Dashboard. Before you can upload your theme, you first need to download it from the members area. Login to your account, and then look for the “Divi” theme in the Downloads tab. Click the “download” button to get the zipped theme folder.



Divi is best used in visual mode, allowing you to build your page on the front-end of your website.


Divi comes with theme options that are used to set up various parts of your site. Divi comes fully loaded with its own custom theme options. This is where you can control things like your logo, navigation settings, and so much more. These options can be accessed in the WordPress Dasboard menu under Divi > Theme Options.


Divi makes it easy to take your custom layouts anywhere using the WordPress Importer.

Accessing The Theme & Module Customizers

The Theme & Module customizers give you control over just about every single element on your page. Want to adjust the size or spacing of text or an element of your website at the click of a button? The Customizer is where you want to start! To customizer panels can be accessed via the Divi > Theme Customizer and Divi > Module Customizer links in your WordPress Dashboard. The Theme Customizer gives you control over site-wide theme elements, such as your menu & logo size or your body and header text styles. The Module Customizer gives you size & font controls over individual modules. Do you want to reduce the height of all the slider modules on your website? That can be done in just a few seconds via the Module Customizer! Let’s take a closer look.


PRE-MADE LAYOUTS [How to Use Them]

Divi ships with tons of great premade layouts that you can use to jumpstart your design.

VISUAL BUILDER 2.0 [Build Everything Visually]

The Visual Builder Comes To The Divi Builder Plugin. Divi 3.0 Visual Builder is now available in the latest version of the Divi Builder plugin, bringing visual front-end website building power to any WordPress website and any WordPress theme. Take the Visual Builder for a Test Drive!


Create a library item that syncs between all of the pages you use it on. This feature will save you tons of time and money.


A Global library item is a module, row or section that appears exactly the same on whatever pages it is added to. You can add a single global module to multiple pages. If you change the global module on one page, it gets updated instantly on all of the other pages it has been added to as well. A simple use-case for this would be a Call To Action Module that appears at the bottom of many or all of the pages on your website. If a single module is repeated on multiple pages, it’s very useful to make this module Global. This way, you don’t have to edit every single page when you want to make a change to it.

Global elements open up so many possibilities, especially when you consider that you can selectively sync individual settings for each module. For example, you could create a global Header Module that appears at the top of all of your pages, and choose to only sync certain options in the Design and Advanced Tabs. This will allow you to apply custom styling to the entire series of pages using this global header module, but still allow you to add unique title text content to each module within the modules “Content” tab (which has not been synced).

If you ever want to adjust the look and feel of these global header modules, you only have to edit the options you chose to be synced once. Entire sections can also be made into global sections. This is a perfect way to create a custom footer for your entire site, and have that footer section mirrored across all of your pages. If you ever want to change your global footer section, you only have to edit it once and the changes get applied everywhere the section has been used.


THE DIVI LIBRARY [Will Make Your Life So Much Easier]

The Divi Library can MAKE YOUR LIFE a whole LOT EASIER.

The DIVI Library is where you can save custom modules and layouts for later use. It is your ultimate web design toolkit. Here you can store your favorite layouts, sections, rows or modules that you want it to use when you need it. Whenever you save an item to your Divi Library, you can access it easily from within the module window when adding a new layout, module, section or row to the page.

This feature will save you tons of time and money.


IMPORTING & EXPORTING [Layouts & Library Collections]

Export your Divi Library from one website and import into onto another.  


Divi has an extensive portability system that stretches every inch of the theme. Everything inside of Divi can be exported from one website and then imported into a new website. Divi exports are also a great way to back up parts of your website, save your favorite presets for new client builds, or share your custom Divi layouts and settings with your peers. This includes Theme Options, Theme Customizer Settings, Divi Roles, and most importantly Divi Layout and Divi Library collections. Each system works exactly the same and you will notice the Divi portability icon throughout the theme.

When you export a Divi Layout or Divi Library item, it can then be shared and used on any Divi website. Everything, including images, custom CSS and Advanced Design Settings are contained in a single JSON file. When you import the file to a new website, your uploaded Divi Layouts will be ready to use!  


The Divi Library is a powerful tool for web designers, as it allows you to build and categorize custom designs that you can use to jump-start your future projects. Using the portability system, these custom designs can now be easily transfered between websites and shared with your peers.

To export Divi Library items, you will first need to navigate to the Divi > Divi Library page in your WordPress Dashboard. Here you will see a list of all of your Divi Library items, along with an “Import & Export” button at the top of the screen. Clicking this button will launch the portability popup.



Sections are the builder’s largest building blocks, and can be used in various ways.


Sections are the builder’s largest building blocks, and can be used in various ways.


INLINE EDITOR [For Easy Editing Website Content ]

Editing Content On Your Page With The New In-line Editor. Take the Visual Builder for a Test Drive!



Divi’s right click controls give you quick access to some new and commonly-used features.

Quick Access To Divi Builder Functions

Whenever you right click on something with the Divi Builder or Visual Builder enabled, whether it be a Module, Row or Section, you will get a list of different actions that can be performed. These actions include: Undo, Redo, Save to Library, Disable, Lock, and Copy & Paste. You may be familiar with many of these functions already as they’re fairly common. Which is why we’ve added them to the Right Click controls for your convenience! This way you don’t have to dig into the module settings to access commonly-used features. Some of the functions, however, are unique to Right Click, and are only available when right clicking. These include: Copy, Paste, and Lock. 



Divi’s keyboard shortcuts will save you a ton of time. Do anything in just a few keystrokes! The Divi Builder comes packed with a long list of very useful keyboard shortcuts. Once mastered, they will save you a ton of design time. Actions that might normally take 2, 3 or 4 clicks can often be accomplished in just a few keystrokes. The Divi Builder has hotkeys for just about everything! 

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