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Acclaro – Software & Mobile application translation. 

Ackuna – Free crowdsourced translation service. It TRANSLATE ANYTHING..Convey your app, website, or anything else for free with Ackuna.

Applingua – Translate the Best Apps, Games & Websites.

Babble-on – App localization service. An expert team of native translators and writers. 

DYS Translations – Video game translation and localization services.

Gengo – People-powered translation at any scale. 

iCanLocalize – Translating websites, iOS, Android and Web software. 

LingoTip – Translate your apps and reach globally.

LocTeam – A multi-lingual language Service Provider. Localize iOS and Mac OS X apps. 

OneSky – Get your apps, games & websites translated. Translation made easy. 

PO Editor – Free online software localization tool. The easy-to-use localization management platform.    

Tethras – App Translation Service. They publish & maintain multilingual versions of your apps.

Transfluent – Easily translate your app by using Transfluent’s API. Professional translation services for all your business needs. 

Verbalizeit – Human powered translation. 

Wordcrafts – Mac OS and iOS localization experts. Test on device and translate your apps.    


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