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Admob – The smart way of Mobile app monetization. Lets you earn more and scale fast. unlimited mobile app analytics with Google Analytics for Firebase. 
Appfigures –All the tools you need to keep track of your apps. 
AppsFlyer – is a mobile app tracking and attribution analytics platform for app developers and marketers. Use the platform to manage, measure and optimise your mobile user acquisition process to improve your ROI. 
AppLovin – Marketing Automation and Analytics
AppDynamics –Application Performance Monitoring
GameAnalytics – Track and analyse all your game’s data
Taplytics – Mobile Optimization Made Simple. 


Google Analytics – Google Analytics for Mobile. 
Apple App Analytics – Apple’s Analytics for Mobile. 
App Annie – Usage analytics for your apps. 
Apsalar – Mobile App Analytics & Advertising. 
Appsee – Visual Mobile App Analytics. 
Bango – Web and app analytics. 
Countly – Mobile Analytics. 
Flurry Analytics – App Analytics for free. 
HeatData – Heatmaps for Mobile Websites. – Analytics Platform. 
Localytics – Mobile Marketing and Analytics for Apps. 
MixPanel – Mobile Analytics. 
Playtomatic – Open source game Analytics for every Platform . 
Placed – Location Analytics. 
Personagraph – get insights into your user . — In-app Analytics for desktop & mobile with just 3 lines of code.
Telerik – Mobile and web real-time app analytics. 
TestFlight Live – Analytics with TestFlight.  

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